Diamond Wedding Bands For Women


As a fashion enthusiast, you might have a huge range of jewelry. It’s even normal to have jewelry set for every occasion, or even for every dress. But what happens when your jewelry gets old? While many stays as they are, others may lose shine, become rusty or lose the look they had when you bought them. But you can say goodbye to those problems if you know how to clean your jewelry at home. Providing exquisite pieces such as wedding rings for women and wedding bands for women, Adiamor explains the tips you can use to clean your jewelry.

For diamond and gold or even platinum, soap water works best as a normal jewelry cleaner. You can easily do the method by mixing half a cup of water and some drops of liquid soap. Then, use an old toothbrush and rub the mixture on the jewelry piece for a few minutes, making sure that you don’t leave corners and edges. After this, was the piece totally with clean water or warm water. Dry it with a towel and see them shine. Another way is to use a Dremel or any rotatory tool for polishing the piece. This comes professionally and you also have to buy polishing drill bits. The result with this method is far superior and you won’t regret the purchase.

When it comes to creating a jewelry collection, you might have plenty of choices and things to tick in mind. But do you have a plan for identifying hand-made and machine-made jewelers? Many goldsmiths may trick you by saying that their jewelry is hand made and this also accounts for the increased price. But if you learn some tricks, you might make a difference. These tricks are very helpful especially when you are going to buy jewelry from brick-and-mortar stores. This also helps in online shopping as you can check whether the seller is genuine or not using the tips.

First of all, the handmade jewelry won’t have any rough edges or marks. The goldsmiths making these take care to refine and finish every part. This is something not seen in machine-made pieces. The handmade items will have a trademark of the creator on the jewelry, which is not there on a machine-made item. The jewelry made by the machine will have plenty of clones as the machine creates more than one in a batch. This is not possible with handmade as each piece is curated with special attention and design.


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